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jeffrey gomezSun Oct-30-05 03:52 PM

"timing with a boyer"



Hello all! Hopefully I can get my 1971 commando going again after messing with it. I need to know how to set the timing STATICALLY with a boyer. I was messing about with it and am having trouble getting it to fire.
1st. the instuctions say to get the timing wheel at 31degrees b.t.d.c.
Problem-I do this and the piston on the drivers side is still going down from the intake stroke, this is no where near 31degrees b.t.d.c. of the compression stroke?! or is it?
2nd. it says to line up the magnets with the norton logo. I do this and still have to engine at a suppossed 31b.t.d.c. it doesn't fire.
3rd. when the bike was working-yesterday-before i messed with it, it seemed to be that when the bike fired, the magnets were no where near in line with the logo, actually they were probably closer to almost perpendicular to the logo.
Any help would be appreciated greatly, thanks!


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John BMon Oct-31-05 04:39 AM

#1. "RE: timing with a boyer"
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Gidday Jeff,
Start by putting both pistons on Top Dead Center with the timing side on compression ie.(free play in both rockers) Loosley put the rotor roughly inline with the Norton Logo then sit the pickup plate in the middle of it's adjustment & when you look through the small hole on the left hand side you should be able to see the trailing edge of the magnet cutting straight through the centre of the hole ( remember it turns anti clockwise ) If it isn't close enough lift the plate and move the rotor a touch. Check it lines up now then tighten the allen screw on the rotor. Replace the pickup plate & tighten with the trailing edge of the magnet Exactly though the middle of the timing hole. Also make sure you have the black & yellow and the black & white wires around the right way. This will run well enough to check with a timing light 26 degees at 3000 revs. This equates to 31 @ 5000 revs and is easier on your bike and family.


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